Madden 22: The complete guide to defeating just about every cover defense

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If you are playing Madden 22, you will realize that defense is usually an essential aspect. Being aware of and mastering the defense that defeats them will give you a massive game advantage. So within this write-up, we'll share how you can beat every defensive screen method in Madden 22.

The following strategies can help players improve the Madden Ultimate Team's match winning rate. Earn Madden 22 Coins and building an ideal Ultimate Team is also one of the important factors for players.

Madden 22: The complete guide to defeating just about every cover defense


Madden 22: Cover 1 Defense


Screen 1 is a man-to-man screen, where every single defensive player is assigned an offensive player to defend. This type of defense is usually pretty aggressive and usually, combined using a blitz, can quickly collapse the pocket and place the quarterback beneath stress.

Identifying Cover 1 is less complicated than identifying many other Coverages. The present is usually single security in the middle in the venue (this is where the name Cover 1 comes from).

To ensure that the defense is on screen 1, you can usually move among your receivers by deciding on him with Circle/B and sending him to the other side in the field with the left stick. Cornerbacks also can be pressed on the line of scrimmage or played some yards away. When the defender follows behind, they may be inside human coverage.


Madden 22: Defeating Cover 1 Defense Guide

Crossing the course in the catcher across the field is a beautiful way to defeat artificial coverage. Any game with Mesh, Switch, Cross, and similar routes can play nicely against Cover 1.

In addition, given that Cover 1 has only one protected deep play, should you have a quick catcher who can surpass their cornerback, you may beat it. If the cornerback is pressed around the melee line, and you have a rapid catcher, you could use vertical and double-shift routes. They are ordinarily in a position to open their hearts to a large-scale game.

The only issue to note is that the defense is likely to be a blitz, which signifies you don't have a lot of time to pass the ball and hit the lengthy distance receiver.



Madden 22: Cover 2 Zone Defense

Cover 2 is a standard area coverage, with two security guards protecting the half-court and five other defenders (linebackers and cornerbacks) in the playing region beneath.

You can identify Cover two by seeking the safety measures of the guard and two cornerbacks about 5 yards from the melee line.


Madden 22: Defeating Cover 2 Zone Defense Guide

When facing Cover 2 defense, one of your main goals must be to work with the space between cornerbacks and security guards. Flood, Smash, and similar passing ideas are good ways to counter this defense. The identical goes for something else that forces a cornerback to decide whether to go deep or sink (powerful flooding is quite productive here).

You could also use seams and vertical lines to harm Cover 2, as they will attack the space behind the safety device and cause a mismatch.


Madden 22: Cover 2 Man Defense

Cover two Man has the identical two safety devices as Cover 2 Zone. However, the rest of the defense is covered by Man.

Initially glance, this defense looks incredibly comparable to Cover two Zone; however, the cornerback's position is usually essential. In the Man report, they will be pressed around the line of scrimmage, reflecting your wide receiver. Similarly, you can move the receiver at any time to see if the defender is following, and you will promptly know in case you are facing a man-to-man defense.


Madden 22: Defeating Cover 2 Man Defense

Like with Cover 1, you are hunting for mismatch conditions. Any play or pass idea that creates mismatches around the field will help you against Man coverage.

The Texas pass idea creates a mismatch by combining a deep route in the TE using a shorter way from the operating back, putting pressure on the middle linebacker.

Bunch formations with three receivers on one particular side of your offensive line may also be fantastic against Cover two Man. Your key receiver right here will generally be operating a Drag route across the field with yet another receiver operating a couple of yards deeper, generating a mismatch inside the middle.

As mentioned, Double Moves may well also be successful here since quick receivers can get separation from their defenders in Man Coverage and put a strain on the safeties.



Madden 22: Cover 3 Defense 

Cover 3 is an area defense, with one particular security and two cornerbacks eliminating the back third with the field. This defense varies, so the region below is just not usually guarded by identical personnel. Generally, this is sturdy security and one more cornerback (nickel).

You may determine Cover 3 defense by the safety inside the middle of the field, along with the two cornerbacks playing 7-8 yards from the melee line.


Madden 22: Defeating Cover 3 Defense

Even though you only look at the way players set up just before steals, you could see an apparent weakness in Cover 3: the two seams in between absolutely free safety and cornerbacks on every side.

You may use seams, verticals, intersections, and excavation routes to benefit from this space.

Any game may also attack cover 3's defense with Curl Flats and HB Screens, each of which will stress flat defenders and outdoor cornerbacks.



Madden 22: Cover 4 Defense

Cover four has two security guards and two corner guards, dividing the deep field into four parts (also known as "quarter" coverage). The purpose of such reports is always to stop deep passes by placing far more defensive guards on the field and permitting them to retreat additional.

You are going to recognize Cover 4 by standing deep with two safes and two cornerbacks. As opposed to Cover 2-it also has two safety devices and two cornerbacks. The cornerbacks in Cover four are usually about 8 yards in the melee line or spread farther and get started running back quickly right after they begin with the game.


Madden 22: Defeating Cover 4 Defense

As you'll be able to think about, this in-depth coverage leaves plenty of space underneath. You may attack this space with Slants, Stick, Curl Flats, and other short passing plays and routes. Stick passes are particularly helpful because they make a mismatch around the outside underneath zone defender.

Other pass ideas that attack the middle in the field and place stress on the three linebackers may also be helpful. This includes Drive and Dig routes.



Madden 22: Cover 6 Defense

Cover 6 is a combination of Cover four and Cover 2, where the venue is divided into two halves, a single appears like Cover 4, plus the other seems like Cover two.

The gifts right here will be the positions of two cornerbacks. Indeed, one of them will be closed for the line of scrimmage (just like the cornerback in cover two), even though the other will fall deeper and closer to the two security devices (like cover 4).


Madden 22: Defeating Cover 6 Defense

Resulting from the distinctive defensive settings from the two halves, both sides can attack with phenomenal passing concepts.

Around the Cover two side, the cornerback presses up close to the face-off line, leaving a visible space behind the cornerback, beneath the safety (called a "honey hole").

This space could be attacked with Smash, Flood, Corner, and similar concepts, just like Cover two.

The powerful side (Cover 4 side) leaves space around the plane, that's, the area beneath the cornerback. This signifies it may use Curl Flats, Sturdy Flood, Stick, Shallow Cross, and similar passing concepts for the space to attack.



Madden 22: What need to I do if Base Align is used for defense?

In the internet battles, many Madden Ultimate Team players will use Base Align to disguise their reasons.

Base Align arranges defenders into a base defensive formation, no matter the opponent's offensive settings. Since the defensive players will transform their position when aligned, covering up the defense, the reading content we introduced above is not entirely meaningful. Just put, the formation you see around the screen won't be the formation that the defender is running.

So, if you don't know what screen they may be playing, how do you beat the screen defense?

Regrettably, the only issue it can do just before the snapshot will be to move the receiver and see if they're playing Man or Zone. The majority of your adjustments are going to be made after the photo.

As soon as the ball is intercepted, observe what happens towards the safety and cornerbacks. For instance, if it appears like certainly one of the security devices of Cover 4 begins to fall quickly following the ball is broken-this is not Cover 4. It's a lot more most likely that Cover 3 is already generally aligned.



Recognizing how you can beat every screen defense in Madden 22 is just not challenging. You just ought to recall which style of play is appropriate for which protection via repetitive and constant playing practice. In MUT, every person uses Base Align, and reading coverage isn't that basic (or even impossible).

This is the reason not merely do you need to understand tips on how to determine coverage areas. Still, you also ought to find out which spaces around the web page every coverage location is vulnerable to attack. This way, even though your opponent makes use of Base Align, you can swiftly study the field and promptly realize what they may be performing and where you'll want to throw the ball.

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